lesson plan created by radina dwi rengganis, muniroh faruk and musfira fitria


Subject             : English
Class                : preschool
Topic               : Numbers                   
Time                : 2 X 45 Minutes

      Standard Competency
Understanding the numbers 1 - 10.

      Basic Competence
Recognizing what numbers which are given by teacher.

-          Having identify the numbers 1-10
-           Having abilty recognize the numbers 1 - 10
-          Having mention the numbers 1 – 10

-          The children are able to identify the numbers 1 – 10
-          The children are able to recognize the numbers 1 -10
-          The children are able to rmention the numbers 1 -10

Audio Lingual Method   
 Teaching Learning Activities

Learning activities
Pre activity
·        Teacher greets the students: Hello good morning dear, how are you?
·        What did you eat this morning honey?
·        Have you taken breakfast?
·        Did you drink milk this morning?
·        Good you are smart children.
·        You must take a breakfast and drink milk every morning to make our body health.
·        Today we are going to play together.
·        Are you happy?
·        Before that, lets see the video and sing together.
Teacher show the video to the children and teacher repeat the song. And sing together with children.
·        Ok, now everybody must stand up and follow the video together.
·        Good morning
While activity
·        Teacher shows the picture about the numbers and mention one by one to the students.
·        Teacher mention continously about the numbers on the white board.
·        Teacher give the card about the numbers randomly
·        Teacher asks the student to coloring the cards.
·        “Ok now, please coloring the picture by these crayons”.
·        Children pay attention.
·        Children follow the teacher say
Post activity
·        Teacher asks the student to step forward
“ok dear, please come here, and bring your card!
·        Teacher asks the children to take candies based on the card they have.
“ please take the candy” this is one, so you should take one candy.
“Ok, before we go to our home, let’s say and sing together again.
‘ok that is all for today, don’t forget to take a lunch and take nap. Good bye children, have a nice day
·        Children do the teacher asking
·        bye

·        Video
·        Flashcard

·        Candies